You ARE Making a Difference!

To our customers and friends,

As an owner of a company that specializes in selling environmentally preferable products, I sometimes find myself wondering if all the effort we are expending makes a difference. As part of our year end wrap up process, I took a look at what our best selling items were, and then thought about what benefits came from the use of our “green” products versus  the more traditional alternatives. Are we making a  difference? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Here are some of the surprising things I discovered:

RECYCLED TRASH BAGS: We sold approximately 71 TONS of recycled trash bags. Assuming  an average of 50% Post Consumer Waste content (which is conservative), this means that 35.5 tons of used plastic was made into a new, very useful product instead of heading directly to a landfill. By weight, that is the equivalent of about 12 Chevy Suburbans! And recycled plastic requires 80% less petroleum to produce than virgin plastic–Another huge impact!

NON TOXIC CLEANING CHEMICALS: We sold about 30 TONS of cleaning solutions, none of which contained any petroleum based ingredients or contained any cancer causing ingredients. When you consider that virtually every cleaning solution that is used winds up in our waters, that is a HUGE environmental benefit. An additional benefit is that all the people that were exposed  to our cleaners in their school or place of business are better off than if  traditional petroleum based cleaners had been used.

RECYCLED JANITORIAL PAPER: We sold about 18 tons of recycled paper towels and toilet paper. No telling how many trees were spared the axe, but I bet it was a bunch!

PRINTER CARTRIDGES: The compatible printer cartridges we offer are remanufactured from spent OEM or “name brand” cartridges. By reusing these cartridges we kept about 1,500 pounds of plastic waste out of the landfill system, and saved our customers a lot of money in the process!

DOG WASTE BAGS: We sold about 3.5 TONS of dog waste bags this year, and expect to sell a lot more than that this year.  At the risk of grossing you out, this means that about 1.75 MILLION piles of dog poop were properly disposed of rather than washing into our waterways.  That is a massive environmental benefit, and think of how much happier the neighbors are!

The point of this exercise is to illustrate that when a lot of people take small steps to reduce their environmental impact, it can add up to a huge improvement overall.

We are grateful to our customers who see the value in the products we offer and who helped propel us to a record year in sales. We look forward to helping you reach your sustainability goals in 2014!




Bob Carr


Skyway Supply

13 Green Cleaning Tips for ’13

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s Resolution! And if you’ve resolved to run your operations more sustainably here are 13 Helpful Tips for 2013

1) Use non toxic cleaning chemicals wherever possible. Our GTC Cleaners are safer for your staff to use, very economical and easier on the environment.

2) Ditch those nasty string mops and use microfiber flat mops. They don’t just rearrange the dirt on your floor, they remove it. You’ll get better results using less water and chemicals and save on labor costs too!

3) Use Microfiber Cloths instead of cotton cloths or paper towels. They’re better at picking up and retaining soil, they last virtually forever so you’ll save money and you’ll produce less waste.

4) Use recycled paper goods. Recycled paper requires much less energy and chemical inputs to produce. And modern recycled janitorial paper is nothing like the harsh stuff of yesteryear–No need to worry about splinters!

5) Eliminate bleach from your cleaning regimen. It’s dangerous for your staff to use, it destroys your fixtures and is horrible for the environment. And it makes your building smell like a high school locker room!

6) Use green certified hand soap instead of antibacterial soaps. Antibacterial hand soap isn’t very effective at killing germs, is suspected of causing health problems in children and is bad for the environment. Our GTC Hand Soap carries the EcoLogo certification, and we carry Green Seal certified GOJO soaps too!

7) Use recycled trash bags. Recycled plastic requires 80% less petroleum to produce, and our unique Green Monster bags contain a minimum of 65% Post Consumer Waste. And they are made in America!

8) Use biodegradable trash bags where it makes sense. If you throw away a lot of food waste and paper, these bags will help liberate your waste so it can biodegrade.

9) Open doors and windows to air out your building as frequently as possible. Indoor air is many times more polluted than outdoor air due to off-gassing from carpets, computers, cleaning products and cheap cologne.

10) Use green certified floor finishes instead of the old zinc based products. Our GTC No Zinc Floor Finish was just awarded Green Seal certification!

11) Do your laundry with a green certified soap like our GTC Laundry Soap. Name brand laundry soaps contain all sorts of artificial fragrances and nasty chemicals. Our GTC soap is gentler on your kids’ skin and is better for the environment.

12) Choose products that reduce pollution and waste. Look for labels such as EcoLogo, Green Seal, FSC and Energy Star.

13) Tell a friend. It’s good that you are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning operations. It will be great if you tell other people about products and practices that work. And if they need help finding ecofriendly products, tell them you know a great company in Clearwater, FL (that would be us!)


One of the first things we noticed when we started up this company is that the mere act of taking a small step to reduce your environmental impact leads to taking other measures. We have done a bunch of stuff to be greener (check what we’ve done: ) and we are always looking for other things, large and small, that we can do. We had a minor revelation the other day: We ship a LOT of stuff–between 50 and 100 boxes a day. We used to always place our packing slips in a plastic UPS envelope that was stuck on the outside of the box. It occurred to us that if we just placed the packing slip inside the box, we could eliminate the plastic envelope. And it saves our shipping people time too! A small step? Yes, but over a year we will probably keep 100 pounds of plastic out of the waste stream. That’s a win in my book!


AUSTIN, TX: We have long advocated against the use of antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan, especially by children. It seems the students at UT have done some research and they agree. Check it out:

To see our kid friendly soaps look here:


Because so many of our customers have asked for them we have started carrying disposable gloves. We offer everything from high end blue nitrile gloves to the really inexpensive poly gloves used in food service operations. There is also a guide to help you pick out the gloves you need. Check them out here: